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Thirsty Thursday Featuring Chance McKinney

Rising country star, Chance McKinney, is here to join us for this week’s Thirsty Thursday. In honor of releasing his sizzling summer single, “Backyard,” McKinney is here to share his favorite summer eats and drinks. The country singer has debuted in the iTunes Country Album Chart Top 15 with his latest EP, , and even performed with superstars Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton. Get to know more about Chance below!

Favorite Summer Drink? Arnold Palmer. I love iced tea mixed with lemonade! Two drinks that scream summer mixed into one drink... ideal.

Summer Picnic Essentials? As long as I have my grill with me anywhere I go we can grill up steaks, burgers, chops, corn, watermelon, roadkill... it's all good with a little grill-time.

Favorite Summer Activity? Shows and Wake-boarding. I love shows because singing outdoors is so special, and I love wake-boarding, because that usually means I'm relaxing at Lake Powell with no cell coverage.

Best Summer Songs?

“Backyard” by Chance McKinney

“Barefoot Blue Jean Night” by Jake Owen

“Summertime” by Will Smith

“Something Like That” by Tim McGraw

“Good Life” by Chance McKinney

“Play It Again” by Luke Bryan

“Good Vibes” by Chris Jansen

Best Summer Family Vacation? I love national track meets! I have never found anything to replace going on track trips with my friends and folks; to compete somewhere and hit the beach or explore the area in a different part of the country is priceless, although Lake Powell is running a close second.

Bucket List Place for a Summer Trip? Either a week-long wake-boarding trip or the Mediterranean. I love being by the water, especially in the summertime!

Check out Chance’s upcoming shows on his website and follow him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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