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Thirsty Thursday Featuring Elizabeth Donald

This week, Aussie country star, Elizabeth Donald joins us to chat about some of her summertime favorites, including all things food, drink and music. Donald just released her latest single “Easier to Apologize,” and promises more new music on the horizon. Elizabeth’s music is contemporary, yet timeless country with minimalistic beats over storytelling lyrics. Get to know more about Elizabeth below!

Favorite summer drink? Rose all day!!!

Summer picnic essentials? Rose, lots of antipasta, a big picnic rug for all and a speaker to play country tunes from

Favorite summer activity? I'm and Aussie girl, so going to my childhood surf beach and surfing until the sun goes down.

Best Summer songs? I swing between a lot of country tunes and then a lot of 80's because it reminds me of hot summer nights and my parents having late night drinks with friends and playing all those tunes.

Best Summer Family vacation? My family beach house in Australia!! Pure bliss!!!

Bucket List place for Summer Vacation? I have yet to visit the Maldives... seeing as they are slowly sinking I better hurry up!!


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