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Thirsty Thursday Featuring Internet Tears

Thank you for chatting with us! You recently released your new single, "I Want You.” Tell us about the writing process and where the idea came from.

Daniel: I wrote the song about someone I really liked and I asked them out by creating this song for them! It’s about wanting someone to be yours; it’s a song about acceptance, love, and connection. 

If you could only perform one of your songs for someone who has never heard of you, what song would that be?

Daniel: “I Want You” 

Zack: “Think About You” 

Esteban: “Okay”

Chris: “Death & His Friends” 

At the end of the day, what do you hope is the message of your music? What do you hope people take away from your songs?

Daniel: We hope that you can enjoy our songs and lyrics. We talk a lot about relationships. How we feel internally. And we have songs where we can let loose and just dance with friends. 

Did you always want to be a musician or was there a specific moment that something happened that made you think "this is what I want to do with my life." If so, what was it?

Daniel: I’ve always wanted to be a singer and songwriter since I was 12 years old and I performed at teen centers. 

Zack: Tré Cool from Green Day inspired me to play drums. 

Esteban: My cousin showed me and brought me into the music world where I learned many instruments and even singing. 

Chris: I saw someone in college play guitar and wanted to be better than them, so I learned guitar starting in college.

What is one thing you can tell us that most people don’t know about you and might surprise us?

Daniel: I’m a chef 

Zack: I used to transport radioactive monkey blood 

Esteban: I have two citizenships 

Chris: I can juggle 

What is an example of a menu you would prepare if I came over?

Daniel: veggie fried rice with egg rolls 

Zack: Mexican (homemade crunch wrap supreme)

Esteban: pb-j and cereal

Chris: cheese roll ups 

What is one food that most people seem to like, but you cannot stand to eat.

Daniel: matzo ball soup

Zack: chicken Marsala 

Esteban: sloppy joes 

Chris: chili

Where is your favorite place to eat in your hometown?

Daniel: Mama Chow (Westport, CT) 

Zack: Deli Unlimited (Guilford, CT) 

Esteban: Fire Engine Pizza (Norwalk, CT)

Chris: Sal’s Pizza (Monroe, CT)

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Daniel: tacos 

Zack: the Chipotle bowls 

Esteban: oatmeal 

Chris: turkey sub sandwich 

Finally, if you could be sponsored by one food/drink brand who would it be and why?

Daniel: Arizona iced tea because I have a weird addiction problem with it. I don’t know what they put in it, but I love it so much and I can’t stop drinking it. 

Zack: I want my own Coke Zero edition flavor

Esteban: Ferrero Rocher 

Chris: Chipotle (I’ve already given them a mortgage payment worth of burrito money)

Instagram: @internet.tears 


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