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Thirsty Thursday Featuring Judy Paster

Photo: Perry Joseph

Thank you for chatting with us! What was the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given about pursuing a career in music? Pay attention to and follow your relationships! Don’t stray too far from them, as it’s through those relationships that more doors open up.

What song that you have recorded means the most to you and why? I really love ‘True Love Has A Cost’ co-written with Bill DiLuigi & produced by Shawn Byrne. It’s the first song that I cut and released that really felt like it was completely me- from the lyrics and the melody to the production. Just an overall nice expression of my artistry.

If you could have penned a song in any genre what would it have been? Any Sheryl Crow song from 1999-2000. Her folk-rock style inspired me to write, play, and perform. But I also would have liked to write Bob Dylan’s ‘Blowin in the Wind.’ It’s a classic, timeless song whose meaning never goes away.

You’ve played on a lot of stages with a lot of big artists, is there anyone you’ve been star-struck by? I’ve played with several huge hit songwriters (we are talking millions of records sold) and so initially I was star-struck by that. I’ve played with John Ford Coley (England Dan & John Ford Coley) several times, and I am always a bit star-struck by him …

Photo: Perry Joseph, Cover Art: Christian Renaud

You recently released your new single, "Love Should Be Brave," that you co-wrote with Bill O’Hanlon. Tell us about the writing process and where the idea came from. The idea “Love Should Be Brave” was my co-writer’s. We wrote around that concept and the song came together rather quickly. It was originally penned for film and TV, and later produced with the same intention - but I Ioved its simplicity and purity in the lyric, music, and arrangement so I decided to release it as an artist.

How was it filming the video for "The Ride?" I released “The Ride'' video in the late fall of 2021 and it was such a breathtaking day. It was sunny and beautiful on my husband's family’s farm where we filmed, and Rutledge Falls, the waterfall is just up the road from the farm.

How was the last year for you? What were your highlights?

It was great, some highlights include:

● Josie Music Awards winner - 2021 Artist of the Year (Folk/ Americana)

● Signing a distribution deal with Symphonic Distribution

● Being featured/played on Nashville radio

● A cameo in Bluebird (the movie)

● A feature in Nashville Music Guide

● Making numerous new fans and friends

What is an example of a menu you would prepare if I came over? Appetizer: Hummus & Crackers, Dinner: Blackened Grilled Salmon, Roasted Broccoli or Brussel Sprouts, Sweet or Baked Potato, Fresh Mixed Green Salad/Dressing, Dessert: Berries with Whipped Cream.

Home cooking or going out for dinner? Both! It’s 50/50.

If I was a bartender, what would you order? A good red or white wine. I like both!

Where do you shop and name three items that are always in your grocery cart. Often at Kroger- full-fat Greek yogurt, vanilla soy creamer for coffee, and a big bag of broccoli!

If you could be sponsored by one food/drink brand who would it be and why? I’d love to be sponsored by the Ancient Nutrition brand if collagen powder Is considered "food." If it was strictly food, a sponsorship by the Whole Foods brand, or Lily's chocolate! For a drink, any organic coffee, kombucha, or great wine would be wonderful! I know that was more than one!


With a strong spirit and unique sound, singer/songwriter Judy Paster takes listeners on a musical journey extending a beautiful branch of serenity and escape from the chaos of everyday life. Evoking inspiration, Paster’s music resonates with listeners spanning multiple genres and generations, and even further into the musical cosmos - conveying the tales and weaving the dreams of life. "To be here now, on country music’s storied stages and part of Nashville’s famous listening rooms’ reverential awe, is no small thing; add true love, marriage, and a steady stream of new music releases…Paster’s work is understood," noted Americana Highways. "As a singer/songwriter, Paster embodies the refreshing simplicity of the troubadour tradition. Soulful and lyrical melodies are accompanied by trusted riffs and steady guitar. There is an almost luminescent quality to her beauty, and when combined with her decidedly settled and copacetic presence, Paster seems to belong on the stage.”

Paster breathes life back into the timeless roots music genre and her artistry and songs remind us why the truth-seeking, bohemian lifestyle bred by folk, story-telling, country, and Americana music continues to thrive.

The Pennsylvania native has become known for her charismatic blend of Americana meets “Nashville folk/pop” music. Her distinctive power-packed style offers an authentic and pure sound, reminiscent of popular 70s singer/songwriters.

Paster originally gained notoriety in Billboard with her rootsy self-titled debut EP, Judy Paster, when she was referred to as an artist “truly on the rise." Shortly after, Paster moved to Nashville and found herself getting local airplay and carving out her own niche in the Nashville singer/songwriter community. Since making the move to Music City, not only has Paster enjoyed cuts by other independent artists, but she has also garnered numerous music awards including the 2021 Josie Music Award for Folk/Americana Artist of the Year, and a Canadian Covenant Award (the Canadian equivalent of America’s Dove) for co-writing the Jazz Blues Song of the Year, she is a three-time GMA (Gospel Music Association) Covenant award-nominee, and has recorded with Southern Gospel legends, the Gaithers, written and shared the stage with some of Nashville’s top songwriters including Bill DiLuigi (“Grateful”), Brian White (“Watching You”), John Ford Coley (England Dan & John Ford Coley/”I’d Really Love to See You Tonight”), and Wil Nance (“Round About Way”), and performed at some of Nashville’s most prestigious venues including The Bluebird Cafe, 3rd & Lindsley, The Listening Room Cafe, The Sutler, Tin Roof, and festivals across the southeast. Most recently, Paster signed a distribution deal with Symphonic Distribution. She has also debuted live on Opry Nashville Radio and has been played on Americana and country radio worldwide. Since releasing her debut EP, she has also released three additional albums, Stronger, Rubies, Rocks & Stones, and Like Stardust, and her last single, “The Ride,” in which she also filmed a corresponding music video for that premiered on her YouTube channel.


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