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The trio of young singer/songwriters known collectively as MamaDear is creating a buzz and amassing fans up and down the east coast with their well-crafted original songs, exuberant stage show and sterling harmonies.

Dan Wilson

What is your favorite Halloween Candy? Reese's cups, for sure! --Kelly

Where does Halloween stack up in the list of holidays for you? As a holiday, it's pretty low. But the feel around Halloween--with football and fall weather--is my favorite. Love October in general! --Parker

Favorite childhood costume? I dressed up as a cowboy like ten years in a row as a kid. Not very creative. But, hey, now I get to live that out in real life I guess! --Parker

Kelly Bradway

What is one tradition you had every Halloween? I love to get a good scare out of someone each year! --Dan

Are you a pumpkin carver or painter? Carver! --Dan

Do you have any plans for this Halloween? We usually go to pumpkin patch or a corn maze so we might do that! --Kelly

When the weather turns chilly what's your favorite cozy beverage? Hot chocolate! --Kelly


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