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Thirsty Thursday Featuring Sarah Ryder

What's your favorite Christmas memory? My favorite Christmas memory will always be the quiet of Christmas morning having pancakes with my parents, reading the Christmas Bible story together, then opening gifts as a little family of three. It's some of the coziest and happiest times of my life. We didn't always have much, but yet we had it all!

What’s your idea of a good Christmas Dinner? A good Christmas dinner definitely includes green beans and brussel sprouts, potatoes, and cranberry sauce!

Do you have a favorite Christmas album? My favorite Christmas albums/songs come from Elvis!

Do you have any favorite traditions or favorite movies for the holiday season? My favorite movies are hands down It's A Wonderful Life, Miracle On 34th Street, and Elf!

What's been your favorite album of 2019? My favorite album of 2019 would have to be "Highwomen". It is just so so so so good in so many ways. I can't stop listening!

What are your hopes for 2020? Any exciting plans? My hopes for 2020 are to be more creative and productive than I was in 2019. I always try to focus on forward motion! I also want to do a good job at focusing on my personal relationships more and take the time to love on those I care about as much as I can.

The holiday season brings the best parties and time together with friends and family. What is your signature cocktail recipe that you will be drinking/serving? My signature drink (again) is red wine!


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