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"Thirsty Thursday" Featuring Strings of Atlas

Thank you so much for chatting with us! Love the music and the YouTube Vlog! So what is your favorite dish to cook? Being a Texan, one of my favorite things to cook is a three bean chili dish. It's easy to make, is mostly kind of healthy and a batch of it can last you a week, which is a big deal for someone who likes to eat but doesn't always have time to cook. In fact, I cook/eat that chili so often, I made a video on how to make it for one of my vlogs!

Favorite music to listen to while you cook? There's nothing quite like having Corey Taylor scream at you in the background as you're trying to carve up a spaghetti squash, or the look on someone's face as you chop up vegetables to Edgecrusher by Fear Factory. I find that rock and roll goes well with a lot of the little things in life, be it cooking, working out, or out driving through the streets during a viral apocalypse to get groceries and toilet paper. What is your favorite wine? Pretty much any french Bordeaux. I was staying in a hostel in Paris a few years back and was right next door to a pizza place and a wine shop. The man at the wine shop set me up with a dirt cheap bordeaux but do not let the eight euro price dag fool you, that was some of the best wine i had ever tried. I don't know if wine is necessarily the first thing that comes to people's mind when you think Rock and roll and drinking but it would be a lot cooler if you did! Red wine is pretty much my go to and though I'm a long way from being any sort of sommelier, I am always looking for a new cabernet, malbec or what have you. What's your favorite food on the road? French toast, it's not just for breakfast anymore. What is one thing you can tell us that most people don't know about you and might surprise us? Last summer I adopted up some baby chickens and we’ve raised them into the most metal hens in Texas. We eat their eggs almost every day. We got name suggestions from early followers of my weekly vlog. Ended up with Blondie, Pinky, Porkchop, Cannon Ball, Foggy, and Roberta Downey Bloomers (Chunks for short). I’ve been trying to train them to play instruments so they can start a band. It hasn’t gone well.

What's the story behind your album's title, “How Far We’ve Come?" It all started with a conversation I was having about Strings of Atlas. I found a box full of old posters, flyers, newspaper clippings and stickers while moving and my fiance asked me what the stories were behind them. As we went on, I started to realize just how much I have been able to do as a musician and filmmaker and in essence, just how far I really had come in the past 10 years. Thus began the first few guitar riffs of the album. I teamed up with long time friend and head engineer of the Sonic Ranch recording studio and founder of Scary American to shape the groove of the album. I'm no stranger to the recording process and we went into it headfirst. The result? Another hard hitting album straight from the vein of real life. You've played on a lot of stages with a lot of big artists, is there anyone you been star struck by? Even though I’ve shared the stage with a ton of different people - my most starstruck moment wasn’t even on a stage. It was in a rundown little pawn shop in El Paso where I ran into Steven Tyler, literally. We shared a moment comparing our skull jewelry and snapped a pic. That was a cool dude. For newer fans, how did your passion for music and career come about? Rock and roll was the soundtrack to my childhood. My earliest memories include my mom playing the likes of Billy Idol and Jimi Hendrix on vinyl . Rob Zombie was one of the fist bands I tried to imitate. By high school I was playing gigs in a metal band. Strings of Atlas founded in 2006 and took me all around the country touring and hustling. How was the last year for you? What were your highlights? All music experience I built up over the years left me with a growing desire to start a record label to house my assorted music projects, Strings of Atlas included. I also wanted a vehicle to help develop and support other musicians. Five months ago marked a major milestone and realization of a dream with the founding of Sky Titan Media, which develops content beyond just music. It has been a lot of work and a huge learning curve, but I get up excited every day to get back to it.

If you could be sponsored by one food/drink brand who would it be and Why? Austin has become a hotspot of local craft breweries. My favorite haunt is 4th Tap Brewery. These guys know what’s up. Not only is their beer fantastic and they crew super cool, they create a vibe and sense of community that I'm totally down with. I'm part of an indy wrestling group that has its ring in the back of the brewery warehouse. Every quarter a couple thousand people pile in for a free wrestling show and their great menu of house made brews. It's an awesome Austin subculture that’s truly rock and roll. I'm waiting for the day that the Sky Titan Stout makes its debut.





Atlas Cage was born during the setting sun of a Friday night, one month after the Chernobyl incident, in an East German town that was still being covered by the ash that drifted in from the skies like dirty snowflakes. It seems only fitting that years later he would adopt a form of the radiation symbol as the marker for the Urban Hard Rock band known as “Strings of Atlas”.

Part beat poet, part rock-n-rolla and a full time wandering soul, Strings of Atlas has been on the underground scene since late 2006. With several self released albums (including the most recent success “In A Better World”), an independent film score, three short films, appearances on Ninja Warrior and an amazing head of hair, he has managed to climb indie charts from Florida to Texas, garner some FM radio play, find inclusion in numerous podcasts and blogs and tour the west coast in his 1974 Chevy Nova. The first big break for SOA was with the album “Atomic Girls” which made its way on to iTunes, Rhapsody and several other major platforms. He is also the host of the vlog “Strings Of Atlas TV” on youtube.

In 2019, there were two very significant events in Cage’s career: One was that he began his wrestling run with the indie pro wrestling federation known as PWR (Party World Rasslin’) in Austin Texas. The second was that he founded the indie record label and new home to Strings of Atlas, Sky Titian Media. Sky Titans mission looks beyond the conventions of the genre, striving to develop artists who feel a deeper connection to people. It was established to act as an independent media incubator, active in the landscape of music, culture, film and technology and cultivate creativity through connection, both with other artists and the community who supports it.

For a behind the scenes look at life as it happens outside of the tours and studios, be sure to check out the “Strings Of Atlas TV” vlog, at


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