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"Thirsty Thursday" Featuring The Bad Hats

Folk/Rock band The Bad Hats recently launched a new crowdfunding campaign in support of their upcoming debut EP, "This Time, It's Different." The money raised will go towards the production of the album, new merchandise and a spring tour. To contribute, click HERE!

The Bad Hats have also partnered with Room In The Inn and will donate a portion of the campaign funds to the non-profit organization. With the donations received, the band will be able to provide their time and services to the community.

Thank you for talking with us! How was the last year for you? What were your highlights? Every year we experience many firsts that we hope to carry with us for the rest of our lives. Some of our highlights last year include: Civic theatre performance, Jack went on his first ever tour, traveling in a new van…which we then replaced with a converted bus!

If you could only perform one of your songs for someone who has never heard of you, what song would that be? We often close our shows with a song called “Matches,” a song that we are waiting for the right time to record. It has a strong message that focuses on how you and your friends experience hardships but we experience them together and those hardships make us human. With Crosby, Stills, and Nash-esque vocals and a driving ending, this song can represent most of who we are.

Is there one song in particular you’re most excited about people hearing? Strong Enough is a song that we have been excited to release for a while. It has rhythmic bowed string parts and strong vocals with a message that hurts just right.

What’s the story behind your album’s title? THIS TIME ITS DIFFERENT. It may be something you think to yourself when you are ready to take a stance, make a change, or reason for yourself. For all the good times and all the bad times. Not only that but the music is much different than anything we have made in the past.

When/where do you do your best writing? The bathroom, of course!

Now for the fun! What is the best food that comes in can? White Chicken Breast!

What’s your favorite cooking show? Any show with Gordon Ramsey yelling.

What’s your favorite food on the road? A home cooked meal from those that care – can’t beat that!

If you could share a meal with any 4 individuals, living or dead, who would they be?

Collin McCray, Chris Cornell, Ed Sheeran, Tony Rice

Finally, if you could be sponsored by one food/drink brand who would it be and why? We love our friends at Silent Brigade Distillery - they always take good care of us!

The Bad Hats are an American, contemporary folk band based in Nashville, TN that plans on redefining the folk genre for their generation. Having started the band in Evansville, IN in 2017, Benny Jenkins (lead vocals, guitar) and Grayson Gerni (vocals, guitar) began playing soulful music focused on self-exploration and improvement. Now, the four-piece band, which includes Jack Gardner (drums) and Rocky Carnell (vocals, guitar, mandolin), aims to “make more people less lonely” through each and every release. The band has a quickly growing following as they continue to develop their unique sound, and according to 95.7 The Spin, The Bad Hats “are down to earth, yet their music still cuts through to really be something that makes you stand still.”


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