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Thirsty Thursday Featuring Tia McGraff

Thank you for chatting with us! What was the best piece of advice you've ever been given about pursuing a career in music? Hone your songwriting craft. In most cases, an artist's shelf life is shorter than a songwriter's.

What song that you have recorded means the most to you and why? "Hope Is Everything." It is one of the earlier songs that Tommy and I wrote together and recorded. The song has continued to serve as a source of hope and inspiration to fans worldwide. We have received numerous letters/e-emails/messages about how the lyrics to Hope Is Everything changed or in one man's case, literally "saved his life."

If you could have penned a song in any genre, what would it have been? "What A Friend We Have In Jesus."

You recently released your new single, "Go Your Own Way," which you also co-wrote. Tell us about the writing process and where the idea came from. My husband, Tommy Parham, and I flew to California to write with the wonderful Kevin Fisher. The three of us sat in Kevin's studio and wrote three songs over two days. "Go Your Own Way"was written as a pitch to a major label Nashville artist who was looking for songs about anti-bullying and diversity. When Tommy and I got home, we worked over the internet with Kevin on a demo, and were so inspired by the outcome that I decided it had to go on my new EP, With Love. In 2021 "Go Your Own Way "won Best Social Justice Song at the EmPower Songwriting Awards in KS.

If you could only perform one of your songs for someone who has never heard of you, what song would that be? "Conductor For A Day."

What's on your pizza? Do you fold your pizza or eat it straight on? Ranch or no ranch? Dill pickles, straight on, and no ranch.

What is your favorite childhood cereal? Golden Grams

What should every kitchen be stocked with? An acu-fry

If you could be sponsored by one food/drink brand who would it be and why? Kraft for the all natural peanut butter! Being touring musicians with our adopted shelter husky, Jake The Road Dawg in tow, Kraft peanut butter is our #1 food staple in our picnic bag. One- yummy for humans and dogs, Two- easy peasy to make a sandwich at a rest stop or on toast in the morning. Great after-gig protein snack too.


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