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Tina Adair from Grammy-Nominated Band, Sister Sadie, Shares her Christmas Poinsettia Cocktail

Do you have a family tradition you love to do each Christmas? Just spending time with family and we always exchange our gifts early Christmas morning. What have you asked Santa for this year? Oh gosh .... I have been so busy this year I haven't had much time to think of that; however I think I'd like a DIY candle making kit. I LOVE candles and would love to be able to make my own. :) I'm pretty simple that way.   What was a popular gift that most children wanted when you were growing up? When I was a little girl, Cabbage Patch Kids were popular. Did you have one? I did have one or two, but I never played with baby dolls much. I was too obsessed with all things music, so my parents didn't waste the money on dolls, etc. ha! Do you have a favorite Christmas Movie? Several, but I'll name the top three:  Love Actually, Christmas Vacation, and Home Alone. What about a favorite Christmas food? My momma's chicken 'n dressing.  

Do you cook a big Christmas dinner? I don't cook at all (I could burn water I think. Haha). But my momma cooks a large southern Christmas dinner that basically resembles that of Thanksgiving. What is your favorite Christmas song/album?   "O' Holy Night" Name three things you are thankful for this year? My health, my friends/family, and being able to travel making music. What have been the highlights for you from 2018? The Sister Sadie - II record, which is our sophomore project, being released and debuting at #2 on the Billboard Bluegrass albums charts. That was pretty dang special to me. I also got to play a show in California for the very first time! Plus getting nominated for a GRAMMY! Any New Year's resolutions? Live more and love more! What is 2019 going to look like for you? Definitely more music - making records and touring!

Christmas Poinsettia Cocktail 1/4 ounce Kir 1/2 ounce Cointreau 1/2 ounce Cranberry Sparkling Wine   Lemon twist


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