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Topeka are partnering with Sixthman’s CAYAMO Cruise to launch an interactive concert series, beginning with a performance from Jason Isbell streamed live from Nashville on July 7 and broadcast to a larger group on July 23.

This unique event will introduce Topeka’s first-in-kind concept “the new front row,” which enables fans at home to interact with, and be seen by, Isbell face-to-face while he is performing via the Topeka platform. Following the 75-minute show, Birmingham Mountain Radio DJ Scott Register will conduct a Q&A, selecting 10-15 audience member questions submitted in advance.

150 members of the CAYAMO Cruise community will have the opportunity for “front row” access to the performance on July 7. Tickets will cost $100 per device. A second run of tickets will be available for 2,388 fans—the same capacity as the CAYAMO Cruise ship Norwegian Pearl—at $25 to enjoy a recording of the concert on July 23.

Launched in late 2019, Topeka was created by Andy Levine, the founder and former CEO of travel experience company Sixthman. At Sixthman, Levine specialized in curating and producing beloved music festivals at sea including founding CAYAMO.

The partnership with Topeka gives the Sixthman/CAYAMO community exclusive access to performances by cruise alumni—including Isbell—while also bringing Topeka and Sixthman together for an innovative collaboration and new take on the concert experience. 

Topeka founder Andy Levine says, “The front row has always been the primary source of energy for the artist when performing. This new offering will allow the artist to see 150 people in their homes enjoying the performance in real time. CAYAMO is an amazing listening community and we are honored to partner with Sixthman to bring this to them first. “

“Since its first sailing 13 years ago, CAYAMO has been defined by the incredibly strong sense of community formed on board,” says Sixthman CEO Anthony Diaz. “There are no walls between guests and their favorite singer-songwriters. We couldn’t be more excited to extend this Journey through Song experience into guest’s homes through our partnership with Topeka.”

Topeka has enjoyed growing success since its inception, allowing fans to connect face-to-face with artists via live interactive video. By offering scheduled, moderated two-way Hang Sessions between artist and fan, Topeka creates the opportunity to form personal relationships via mini-concerts, private lessons and listening parties, group Q&As, workshops, serenades and more. 

Each Hang Session supports Topeka’s partnership with Circles Morningside, the Atlanta-based chapter of Circles USA. Their 12-week Apprenticeship Program works with members in developing “life systems” while preparing them for full time employment opportunities with Topeka. More on Circles USA HERE

Read about Topeka in Billboard as part of “the new guest appearance” HERE. Watch an example of Topeka HERE and visit for more information.


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