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Torien brings yakitori omakase to NYC

Torien 292 Elizabeth Street New York, NY 10012 | @torien_nyc TOKYO TO NYC Today, master shokunin chef Yoshiteru Ikegawa of Tokyo’s Michelin-starred Torishiki opens Torien, his first yakitori restaurant outside of Japan, in partnership with Shōwa Hospitality, a restaurant group with properties in Miami, San Diego and a forthcoming in Los Angeles. Modeled after Ikegawa’s flagship in Tokyo, Torien brings a distinct omakase experience to New York City’s NoHo neighborhood. 

CHEF’S CUT The menu, which changes daily, elevates traditional Japanese yakitori by offering a chef’s selection of skewers ranging from familiar cuts such as chicken kashiwa thigh and tabasaki wing to prepared bites such as a tsukune meatball of ground chicken and nami chicken neck skin. Each skewer is skillfully grilled over kishu binchotan, a premium grade, slow-burning white charcoal specifically allocated for Torien and imported from Japan. Seasonal vegetables are peppered in throughout the meal and served on ceramic plateware crafted in Tokyo. A curated selection of sake by head sommelier Akio Matsumoto, along with cocktails, wines and beers, is available to accompany.

COUNTER CALL Designed in collaboration with Tokyo-based Oyamatsu Design Studio, the transportive space takes visual cues from Japan with a rock garden-inspired entrance and Japanese linen curtain drapes. Offset by dramatic jet-black walls, the kusunoki wood counter serves as the focal point for the 16-seat restaurant. 

Open for dinner Tuesday – Sunday: 6pm – 12am


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