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Valentine’s 4-Course Hand Crafted Meal for Two for $60 at Carrabba's

Prepared with love and perfect to share, Carrabba’s Italian Grill is celebrating Valentine’s Day with a four-course dinner for two! Featuring hand-crafted Italian available in the restaurant, delivery and carryout, guests will enjoy the following selections for $60 from Thursday, Feb. 10 – Monday, Feb. 21, along with a chance to try their newest cocktail - the Strawberry Rosè Margarita mixed up with Lunazul tequila, Fleurs de Prairie Rosé, and fresh lime sour shaken with fresh strawberries.

First Course (choose one to share)

· Mozzarella Marinara or Tomato Caprese with Burrata

Second Course (choose one per person)

· Caesar, House or Italian Salad

· Mama Mandola’s Sicilian Chicken Soup or Soup of the Day

Third Course (choose one per person, entrees served with a side)

· Lasagne

· Fettucine Carrabba

· Chicken Bryan

· Chicken Marsala

· Tuscan-Grilled Sirloin

· Tuscan-Grilled Filet

· Salmon Saporito

Fourth Course (choose one to share)

· Sogno Di Cioccolata

· *Brand New Berries and Butter Cake

For more information and to find your nearest location, please visit


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