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viande et trois, a french bbq | a celebration of 365 days x lou

Photo Credit to Kami Baergen (@kbaergen).

The team at lou in Nashville will be hosting viande et trois on Saturday, September 5 with seating's at 6pm and 8pm on their back patio. The French bbq will be held in celebration of the restaurant’s first anniversary and 365 days of surviving.

There will be a variety of offerings ranging from dinner meats that serve 2 (whole citrus – stuffed branzini, Gifford’s mangalitsa sausage, côte de bœuf), threes (oeufs mayonnaise, grilled leeks, cold potato salad, and more), sweets (lemon macaron & lavender ice cream sandwiches, plum tarte tatin, and more), and offerings pour la table (raclette with potatoes, cold cuts, and mustard, oysters, and more).


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