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Walker Brothers Announces its Newest Seasonal Brew, Strawberry Rhubarb, Featuring Bloomsbury Farm

Walker Brothers is excited to announce its newest seasonal, limited-release High Gravity (5% ABV) brew, Strawberry Rhubarb. Made with fresh, juicy, organic strawberries from Bloomsbury Farm that harmonize with rhubarb, the new release is a jammy, sweet, and tart summer sipper. The small-batch seasonal flavor is available for brewery pickup through online ordering, and can be found at various stockists located in Middle and East Tennessee.

Helmed by co-founding team members Luke Walker, Sam Walker, and Caroline Howard, Walker Brothers thoughtfully brews both high gravity and non-alcoholic kombucha in Nashville, Tennessee. Brothers Luke and Sam started the company with a SCOBY inherited from their aunt and a desire to to develop a better-for-you craft beverage that creates space for moments of connection while also being conducive to a healthy lifestyle.

All Walker Brothers kombucha starts with their house yeast and bacteria culture: their Family Culture. The brothers worked with local company, Bootleg Biology to develop an innovative gluten-free beer yeast for their high gravity brews. Though they implement slightly different brewing processes for the non-alcoholic and high gravity products, both are open-fermented, unpasteurized, and made with organic ingredients. These traditional brewing practices provide a more sustainable approach to production and lend to light, refreshing, probiotic-filled beverages with nuanced and crips flavor profiles.

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