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Wild About Wildgrain!!

I am very excited to share with you my new Wildgrain box experience! I will be posting recipes on here and Instagram so stay tuned!

From order to delivery it took only three days! I was so excited I tracked the box all day. As soon as I saw UPS I ran out the door to meet him.

Wildgrain the first bake-from-frozen bread box membership. It is full of ready-to-bake, artisan bread, pasta, and pastries delivered to your door WITH free shipping and FREE croissants for life!! Look at all the goodies!

Everything went right into the freezer, except the sourdough rosemary garlic bread. The temptation was just to overwhelming. The stove could not preheat fast enough. The directions are easy to read and follow (which is good for me)!!

This is defiantly perfect for quick meals that still have homemade quality and for making hosting family and friends extra easy, delicious, and special! Now, to pass off that I made it from scratch might be the hard part. But a girl can dream.

Now the directions say, let cool 30 minutes to finish the bake. NOPE I could not. It probably rested 10 minutes top. The smells are intoxicating.

I am really excited to try the rest of the products! The passionate team at Wildgrain is located in Boston, MA. All of their products are baked within 25 minutes (no thawing!) and are made with clean ingredients. You should give it a try and invite me over to eat it with you!


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