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Women in Hospitality United

Photo credit: Liz Clayman

Founded by three women deep in the New York food industry trenches — Elizabeth Meltz (Dig Inn), Liz Murray (The Marlow Collective) and Erin Fairbanks (GROUT Consulting) — Women in Hospitality United (WiHU) is a new organization born from the #metoo movement and the urgent need for evolution in the hospitality industry. 

On September 24th in Brooklyn, NY, the group will host its inaugural “Solution Sprint,” a one-day event modeled after the hackathon approach. The Solution Sprint aims to tackle some of the most challenging issues facing the hospitality industry. Teams will be developed in advance to work on projects, and anyone can apply for both Solution Sprint Projects and Sprint Team Members, individual or organization. 

Ideas and applications are accepted here (deadline: Aug 31).

The Solution Sprint will be held Monday, September 24th at the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg. 

WiHU also offers informational talks with restaurant staff during family meals (tonight, at Sylvia’s in Harlem). 


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