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Celeb Chef Created an Organic Line of Curry Sauces & Pastes for Easy & Mouthwatering Thai Meals

Celeb Chef Created an Organic Line of Curry Sauces & Pastes for Easy & Mouthwatering Thai Meals at Home

Chef Mike grew up on a biodynamic farm in Switzerland, where he learned the traits of organic farming. This is the backbone of his delicious line of curry flavors, offered in jars, pouches, and cans to consumers who can't get enough of the clean goodness in every bite. The line is made with clean ingredients, with all USDA Certified Organic ingredients grown in small batches in Thailand and their newest canned goods being Demeter-certified biodynamic.

Mike’s Organic Curry Love is working with organic farmers in Thailand and are trying to get more farmers to get onboard to do the same since only 1% of the land in Thailand is farmed organically certified. Their goals as a brand are to encourage others to stop using chemicals by creating awareness & demand from consumers. In the end, their efforts and authentic ingredients are better for you and better for the environment.

Mike went on to culinary school and refined his talents (cooking for Hollywood royalty like Frank Sinatra, Sidney Poitier, Kirk Douglas, and Larry Hagman!) to make his love of curry and real food a lifestyle, not a luxury for today’s foodies. He founded his brand along with partner Laurie Sebestyen who shares a mutual love of organic cooking and gardening.

  • Red Thai Curry Paste ($36.99/6 jars) - Prepare for a taste explosion! It's a harmonious blend of dried red chili, aromatic lemongrass, flavorful shallots, fragrant makrut leaves, and the exotic touch of galangal. This versatile paste is your ticket to culinary adventure—it can elevate your soup to new heights, add flair to your meatloaf, bring life to your stir-fries, or simply transform it into a mouthwatering Thai Curry when simmered with creamy coconut milk or coconut cream.

  • Yellow Thai Curry Sauce ($6.99) - Brace yourself for a wild ride of flavor! Explore a magical concoction of lemongrass, dried red chili, shallots, red turmeric, and coconut milk. It's like a taste explosion in your mouth, with a side order of "mmmm" and "oh my curry goodness!"

  • Variety 6 Pack of Curry Sauces ($36.99) - This case includes all three mouthwatering Thai sauces (red, yellow, green), allowing you to experience the full spectrum of deliciousness.

  • Biodynamic Coconut Cream ($36.99/6 cans) - Made from carefully selected coconuts grown using biodynamic farming methods, this cream embodies a smooth and natural texture, allowing the true essence of coconut to shine through. Unsweetened and free from artificial additives, it provides a versatile and wholesome option for a range of recipes. From curries and desserts to smoothies and baked goods, it's a perfect choice for those seeking an authentic and ethically-sourced ingredient.

  • Penang Thai Curry Paste (5.99) - Get ready to dive into the rich flavors of Phanaeng, also known as Phanang, Panang, and other mouthwatering variants! This type of red Thai curry is a delightful balance of thick, salty, and sweet notes, infused with the vibrant tang of zesty makrut lime.

  • Organic Massaman Curry Paste ($5.99) - It's the curry that broke all the rules, combining ingredients from Persia, the Indian subcontinent, and the Malay Archipelago. It's like a culinary mashup that's so rebellious it could start a food revolution!


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