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Madalyn et Rose Will Make Easter Even Sweeter

Easter is a time for everyone to celebrate (including adults!) "Madalyn et Rose is a curation of the finest gourmet and artisanal food products that are 100% Made in France. You will receive a selection of unique French products, hand-picked and delivered to your door."

This beautiful box of goodies will help show your love and appreciation for someone special or to just spoil yourself! The personal handwritten message that comes with the box is such an extra special touch. I have not been to France, but BRB booking a flight now!

You will will love Madalyn et Rose because they:

Are authentically made - All the products that can be found inside every box are from quality brands that are made in France

Can travel - Every box will create the feeling of having breakfast or afternoon tea at a café in the heart of France

Have a personal touch - Each box is carefully curated and has a personal handwritten message.

The boxes retail for $99 + shipping, and they are available at:


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