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Nashville Singer Molly Adele Brown Needs Your Help – To Bake Cookies for the Homeless

For the past several months, Nashville-Based singer/songwriter Molly Adele Brown has been getting a group of friends together to bake cookies for the city’s homeless population. Brown delivers hundreds of cookies each month, which she calls Molly’s Kindness Cookies, to Nashville Rescue Mission. It is her way of giving back to our local community.

The costs of cookies, although minimal, does add up as Brown increases her distribution efforts. Many friends and community members have donated non-monetary items to Brown to help her efforts. Brown is always in needs of ingredients including: flour, white sugar, brown sugar, vanilla extract, baking soda and sea salt.

“This year, I really want to increase our production and reach as many homeless people in Nashville as possible,” states Brown. “It’s not much, but cookies always put a smile on people’s faces.”

Kindness cookies evolved from years of baking cookies and handing them out to the homeless in New York City. “Growing up, my mom would take my youth group on midnight runs where we would go through the city at night and hand out food and clothes to the homeless. We would interact and get to know these people and learn about their stories. Every time was so inspiring, and I knew I wanted to continue to give back. Once I moved to Nashville, I started helping out with Nashville Rescue Mission and fell in love with their organization and what they provide. Since then I have been getting a group of friends together to bake cookies each month. Being able to share something I love to do (bake) to a community that needs some extra kindness really makes my heart sing.”  

She lives by the quote: In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

To date, Brown has prepared over 100 batches of cookies which helped feed approximately 1,000 people around Nashville.

For more information, visit

Donations can be sent to:

Molly Adele Brown c/o

1100 3rd Ave North, APT 470 Nashville TN 37208


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