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Southern Storyteller Sean Harrison Wordplays His Way Through New Single, “Halfway From Nashville”

Southern songwriting storyteller Sean Harrison modulates and wordplays his way through his debut single, “Halfway From Nashville.” The ballad, filled with Roger Miller-style quirkisms, nods to Johnny Cash and great Country songs, is a John Prine-ish, Tom T. Hall-esque half spoken, half sung reflection on life lived and roads traveled. Laced with weepy pedal steel guitar and a punched-up count in the verses, the track draws the listener in and moves the story ahead. With a style that crisscrosses boundaries of Americana, Country, Blues, Folk and Rock, Sean explores new territory with a traditional song, while searching for answers to life’s eternal questions - in true storytelling fashion.

Merle says I just need to get through December

Dylan’s answers in the wind they do blow

Mr. Cash had so many songs I can’t remember

But he’s been everywhere, man, so he ought to know

Who will sing me the song that makes a connection

Three chords and a chorus with a sense of direction

If not Haggard or Dylan, then by god Johnny Cash will

Tell me where the hell am I now, halfway from Nashville (S. Harrison)

The Country Note premiered the track, and adventurous listeners can stream/download the single now from Apple / iTunes; radio can access the tune via AirPlay Direct. An entertaining “story behind the song” video can be found below. “Halfway From Nashville” is the first single and title track of Harrison’s upcoming, debut CD. 


Born in Nashville and raised mostly in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Sean grew up in the literary home of his father, the late novelist/screenwriter William Harrison (best known for the movie, Rollerball). His father taught creative writing at the University of Arkansas, which put Sean in frequent company of numerous talented writing students and visiting authors. It also connected him closely with a vibrant college campus during the turbulence and cultural renaissance of the late 1960s. In his early 20s, Sean played full-time in Texas and shared the stage with some legendary songwriters and pickers until “poor lifestyle choices” derailed his promising music career. Sean explored Europe for several years - busking in London, Paris, Florence and Venice, southern Spain and other parts of the continent. Back in the States, he hit New York City and then Dallas/Ft. Worth before finally landing at home in Fayetteville. He has performed solo and in a variety of bands, appearing across Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma. Harrison has collaborated on several recording projects, including writing, co-writing and producing the popular self-titled debut EP for Country singer Milton Patton. Sean is best known in the songwriting community for his quirky and self-mocking tunes about the average guy’s stumbles and struggles through American life. With a razor-sharp wit, off-the-wall sense of humor and a hefty dose of self-deprecation, he brings a keen American literary fiction foundation to his writings. His blending of Americana, Country, Blues and Rock has created a sound that is sometimes irreverent, inherently believable, instantly loveable, and absolutely his own.

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