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Special Mother's Day Interview with Dakota Danielle

Dakota Danielle just released her debut EP, My Mother's Daughter, on April 19. Following the loss of her mother last year, the 26-year-old dove into writing to begin her healing process. This self-penned, four-track project is a reflection on her past and touches on the changes brought about by this challenging life event.

Thanks for chatting with us! How did growing up in a small town in Illinois shape you musically? Growing up in a small town has taught me the importance of community and family. I feel like musically it has helped me write relatable songs that are true to how I grew up and what I have learned through the years.

Why did you choose now as the time to release your debut EP, My Mother's Daughter? I chose to release My Mother's Daughter now because it seemed like the right time. I have been going through a lot these past couple of years and music has become a safe haven for me. Focusing on releasing new music has helped me heal because all these songs on my EP are related to times in my life where I feel I have grown as a person.

It sounds fantastic! Were there any songs that were particularly easy or particularly difficult to write? Thank you! “Growing Old” was difficult for me to write just because it was an emotional time for me. I wanted to make sure I was saying everything correctly and in the right way. It took me about two weeks to write, because I needed to take breaks from writing due to emotions being brought back up to the surface.

What do you want people to take away from the EP? I am hoping my EP will be able to help people know me better as a person and artist. These songs are all about a time in my life where I have learned or grown as a person. Hopefully, people will be able to relate to them as well.

We are so sorry about the loss of her mother last year. Tell us about your mom. Thank you, my mom was a kind and beautiful soul. She had an infectious smile and positively impacted multiple people. My mom was a guidance counselor for the grade school, junior high, and high school in my hometown. She was my best friend and believed in me so much. We would go everywhere together and talk on the phone multiple times a day. I have been lost without her, but writing music is slowly helping me heal.

What was the best gift you ever gave your mom on Mother's Day? This is a tough question! I'm not for sure if I have a best gift I gave my mom on Mother's Day. She would always be in charge of our agenda for the day and would want to go out to eat for dinner. Every year I would get her flowers, card, and her favorite chocolates. We all just enjoyed spending the day together as a family :)

What advice did your mom give you that you remember best? My mom had a quote that she would say and try to live by. It has become my favorite. It is, “Dare to pursue your dreams, live like there is no tomorrow, have fun, but not at the expense of others and love unconditionally.”

What were some of her staple recipes? My mom made some awesome potato casserole and meatloaf. She taught me how to make the potato casserole, but the meatloaf I have not mastered yet!

Any last words for our readers? I appreciate everyone's love and support of my music!

Dakota Danielle Small town sensation Dakota Danielle broke into the country scene with the release of her debut single “One Church” last year, which quickly and independently garnered over 56k streams on Spotify. After the video premiered on The Country Network, Dakota followed with the release of her sophomore single "Forever." The highly relatable, slightly nostalgic songs are self-penned and produced by Mookie & Evan with Michael J. Clouse III (Jeff Buckley, The Rolling Stones’ Nicky Hopkins, Thin Lizzy’s Marco Mendoza). Influenced by artists ranging from Dolly Parton to Chris Stapleton and Aretha Franklin, the 26-year-old singer songwriter brings a fresh twist to country music.

Following the loss of her mother last year, the 26-year-old dove into writing to begin her healing process. This led to her debut EP My Mother's Daughter, with tracks premiering on Nashville Noise, Roughstock and VENTS Magazine. The self-penned project is a reflection on her past and touches on the changes brought about by this challenging life event.

The Illinois native is taking Nashville by storm after completing a degree in Commercial Songwriting at Middle Tennessee State University. Grinding to make a name for herself, Dakota’s unparalleled work ethic is evident with her regular appearances at Music City’s hottest venues. With a guitar in one hand and a pen in the other, her goal is to inspire and heal fans through her deeply personal, yet charismatic music.

‘My Mother’s Daughter’ Track Listing “City” Written by: Dakota Danielle

“Small Town Talk” Written by: Dakota Danielle, Jessilynn Kidd

“Maria” Written by: Dakota Danielle, Jessilynn Kidd

“Growing Old” Written by: Dakota Daniell

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