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"Thirsty Thursday" Featuring Ed Roman

Thank you so much for chatting with us! For newer fans, how did your passion for music and career come about? I guess the biggest catalyst for my adventures and life in music was being labeled dyslexic. I struggled immensely in school academically as a result of this. At a very young age my mother took it upon herself to not only self tutor my sister and I, who both struggle with the “gift," and she was wonderful enough to put a guitar in my hand at a very young age. As a dyslexic tactical response and three dimensional conceptualize thinking extends from this part of my musical existence. I referred to it as a “gift” after now coming to realize what dyslexia really is. It’s a problem with the framework of education and not with the person. I fell in love with an art form that transformed who I was. Gave me measures of dexterity, prowess, humor, intellect, physical stamina a robust connection to the past and the future and enhanced my ability to communicate with people all over the world. A body mind and spirit affirmation.

Looking back, what was the first album or “Vinyl” you bought? I was about seven years old and I took a taxi with my grandmother to where she had her hair done at a local hairdresser. To bide my time my grandmother gave me a five dollar bill and told me to go next-door and buy a record for myself. Anything that I wanted. Spent about an hour in that little camera store/record shop trying to decide on which album I was going to buy. Since I have had cognitive memory the whole world seem to be talking about this group called the Beatles named after a bug or something.. lololol. I thought there must be something to this and considering I had heard a few pieces by them on the radio the first album I bought was "Meet The Beatles" and I still have it today. I thought I would almost wear that record out. I’m sure if I put it on today the scratches would still even seem familiar to me.

You recently released your new single, “Stronger” Tell us about the writing process and where the idea came from. Ahhhhhh... the duality of existence. The negative to the positive. The Yin and Yang. From dark we can move to light but without each other... neither can exist. We all go through personal battles every day sometimes insignificant and other times like trying to lift a mountain over our heads. Some of those experiences are unfair and unjustified. Sometimes we are caught betwixt them without any control or mechanism of revival. Sometimes we perpetuate them on our own. But cognitive recognition of what they all represent are a part of the learning mechanism as a human. This never ends. It is ongoing and forever will unfolding in its divinity and complexity around you, in front of you and inside of you. We often look for a big red button that we can jump up and push to fix the problems that we have but the reality of it is is sometimes it takes a little bit every day to make you stronger and realize the true potential of your experience. It’s kind of like weeding a row in the garden. At first it’s the last thing that you really want to do as it is a cumbersome chore that can take hours. As you proceed through the task, you begin to develop a rhythm and your speed increases. As the time moves on you start to look back at your row and realize you’re getting closer to the end and you are in rhythm and exceeding the task you have set out upon. It is there that you can look back and be proud of the things that you’ve worked hard at. The things that you’ve weeded out and nurtured are now starting to sustain you as a result of your hard work and persistence and observance of what it all means. Getting “STRONGER Every Day”

Where did you grow up and how has that influenced your style of music? I grew up at the nexus and four corners of where tomorrow meets yesterday and today is everlasting. Where tornadoes are born and the snow buries cars for days on end. We’re ancient creeks still flow through the landscape and strange ariel phenomenon take to the sky. A square tattooed by Queen Victoria herself. A place where the Pope has walked the fields. Where dignitaries dined and farmers wielded their equipment more like agricultural artists on a giants million acre canvases. In a little town just north of where all the rivers meet. Just north of Toronto by 200,000,000 feet.

At the end of the day, what do you hope is the message of your music? What do you hope people take away from your songs? We’re all living here in an unbelievable framework of existence. Every day is a gift. Even the ones that seem to be fraught with heartache and sorrow. There is always an alternative to everything and your mind and body and your spirit can lead you there. No holds barred.. it’s about what you put into it.

What is an example of a menu you would prepare if I came over? I mean it really all depends on your Appétit du jour. I don’t even know if you are a consumer of meats or fouls. Perhaps you’re a vegan. I really like making food for people when it is something that suits their pallet. But, if it were left up to me it would be a combination of both flora and fauna. Perhaps something like fresh spring lamb ribs or duck breasts served with a shallot and raspberry/orange demi-glaze nestled together with fresh vegetables from my garden such as carrots, potatoes, green beans and of course a lovely salad of mixed greens, fruits and nuts.. For dessert blueberry cheesecake with a snifter of apricot brandy and freshly roasted and ground French roast coffee. How does that grab ya. ..... Now let me see what I’ve got in the wine cellar...

Favorite music to listen to while you cook? Food seems to be intermingled and intimately tied to different varieties of music. If I’m barbecuing I might be listening to reggae music or African grooves and vibes or even some classic rock. If I’m making pasta I’m going to put on something like Pagliacci or even something like a piano concerto. In the morning sometimes when you’re frying bacon it seems to go really well with jazz. Come to mention so do Sunday morning breakfasts. Actually jazz goes incredibly well with coffee.

How do you drink your coffee? I like dark roasts. The darker the better. As of late I’ve even tried my hand at doing some cast-iron roasting with fresh beans that I picked up in a local market. French roast is got to be one of my favorites, with good dairy cream.

What is your favorite sandwich? Well I have to say I’ve pretty much eaten every kind of sandwich known to mankind at this point in my life, but I’m sure there’s a few out there that I haven’t yet experienced. One of my favorites is a really good lobster po-boy on a fresh bun with a side of fresh cut fries and coleslaw and a nice cold beer. Better have an iced tea as a sidecar, sweetened.

Finally, if you could be sponsored by one food/drink brand who would it be and why? I really like Pure Leaf iced tea. It’s a great natural brew it doesn’t have a lot of sugar in it and other strange things that go bump in the night. It’s a great alternative to soft drinks but I guess if you have a carbonation addiction it may not be up your alley. I think they’re one of the best fresh brewed steeped iced tea’s out there hands-down. I could drink a bathtub of that stuff. Thank you so kindly for having me today! It’s been an absolute pleasure being able to speak with you.


Instagram: https://instagram/specialedroman

Twitter: @SpecialEdRoman

Ed Roman is an Award-winning singer/songwriter, performer and multi-instrumentalist from Shelburne, Ontario, Canada. Blurring the lines between pop, rock, folk, and country music genres, Ed’s uniquely crafted songs have received regular rotation on more than 100 terrestrial radio stations across North America and more than 600 stations, worldwide. Ed was featured as an “Emerging Artist” in Billboard Magazine, December 2018. The animated music video for the Top 20 iTunes charting song, “Red Omen” has been shown at numerous film festivals around the globe, earning accolades and raising funds for Whole Dyslexic Foundation, a cause near and dear to Ed’s heart. Ed is also a gentleman farmer, gardener and paranormal enthusiast. Ed’s brand new single, “Stronger” will be released in January 2020 on MTS Records.

AWARDS: Ed is a 2014 Artists Music Guild Award Nominee, a 2014 and 2018 International Music and Entertainment Association Award Winner, a two-time 2015 IMEA Award nominee, a 2015 and 2016 Josie Show Awards winner, an Akademia Awards Winner, and a two-time Indie Music Channel Award winner. Ed won a 2017 Radio Music Award for Best Americana Artist.


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