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Thirsty Thursday Featuring Liddy Clark

Liddy Clark joins us for this week’s Thirsty Thursday to talk about all of her favorite summertime activities and music! Clark is a Texas- native with a pop infused country sound taking the industry by storm. Liddy just dropped her new single, “Hit & Run” which is out now. Get to know more about Liddy below!

Favorite summer drink? A strawberry pineapple smoothie

Summer picnic essentials: Sunscreen, blanket, a variety of chips and snacks, plenty of water!

Favorite summer activity? Going to the beach!

Best summer songs? I’m jamming to, “Never Really Over,” by Katy Perry & “If I Can’t Have You,” by Shawn Mendes!

Best summer family vacation? We went to Exuma in the Bahamas last year & I got to go swimming with the pigs!

Bucket list place for a summer trip? New Zealand and Australia!

Check out Liddy’s upcoming shows on her website and follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!


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