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"Thirsty Thursday" Featuring Sarah Mae Chilton

Thank you for chatting with us!!! What's your favorite family recipe? I grew up with my parents and grandparents all making sausage gravy and biscuits at every family gathering where breakfast was involved. I remember many Christmas mornings being followed by a huge brunch that my grandma had prepared. On the table there would be country ham, bacon, homemade preserves, and of course, biscuits and gravy. My brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles would all sit together, eat, and enjoy each other's company! (we are a food family and we love to eat!)

If you could share a meal with any four individuals, living or dead, who would they be? Maya Angelou- Her poems have helped me to be a stronger person as well as to always try to do what is right, not always what is easy.

Audrey Hepburn- She was excellent at acting. Her personhood was one of grace but also sweetness. I think of her as a role model and style icon for what I do with my artistry.

J. R. R. Tolkien- I just love his books. I love his imagination. I love that he used to hang out with C.S. Lewis regularly at Oxford. What a guy.

Taylor Swift- Taylor’s career made me want to be a songwriter. I remember thinking, she’s telling us her story in these songs… her vulnerability has helped me, and others, to know they are not alone.

Most memorable meal while touring. Where were you and what did it involve? I remember going up to Ottawa, Canada for some shows and ended up bringing back a ton of fresh made maple syrup! Not only was I well fed on that trip by Canadian hospitality, but I got to enjoy my pancakes with the delicious maple syrup they make there for months afterward. What's your favorite fast food chain? Taco Bell. It's my ultimate comfort food. If I’m sad, hitting up the bell is a sure cure.

How was it filming the video for “Caving In?" It was wonderful. “Caving In,” is a song that is very special to my heart. It’s sweet, and simple but yet vulnerable. I had a lot of fun making the video because we went out into nature to film. We drove an hour and a half south to this area with waterfalls and small beaches surrounding the water. It was also great to work with my director, Michael Hamm. He saw the vision I had and created it exactly as I’d seen, added his own vision and made it better than I ever thought possible. Is there any news for the forthcoming album? Yes! I have recorded six more songs that are similar to “Caving In,” which is sonically different from the rest of the Southern Glitter Pop Album. These songs were recorded during the pandemic in 2020 in Tucson, Arizona. During this time I got to sit down and really dig into what I’d be living through in the past few years. The songs are real and the production is beautiful. Stay tuned.

What’s the best advice you have ever gotten from another musician? I was at a songwriter night when I first got to Nashville. The host of the writers round, Debi Champion, introduced me to a hit songwriter. I asked him what his advice was on making it in Nashville. He pointed at the stage and said, “Listen.”

I’ve learned to listen to those that have been writing longer than me because they know how to communicate with an audience. I’ve learned to listen to those who are more successful than me because they know what my next steps are. I’ve learned to listen to those who are newer than me because they will grow in their careers as well and will need friends along the way. No one makes it on their own. It takes a village.

Finally, what’s your advice for young artists trying to establish a name for themselves? Especially young females that may see you as a role model. I would tell them to dress for the job you want, show up prepared, know your worth, and always be respectful to others as well as yourself. These four tips will shortcut you to where you want to be quicker than anything else. No matter what the profession.

Carolina born, Nashville trained and world bound. Sarah Mae Chilton’s positive, humorous approach to heartbreak and life adds a fresh voice to the pop and pop-country market. Born in Winston-Salem, NC, she first started performing gigs during high school at local writer's nights, in her own rock band and for church youth events. During this time, she truly discovered her passion and realized that she wanted to be a music artist.

In Nashville, she makes a living singing on Broadway at Tootsies Orchid Lounge - a place famous for discovering legends such as Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson and many more. She has been able to write with artists from genres as varied as rap to country, including some Grammy-nominated writers. In March of 2021, she released her latest album Southern Glitter Pop.


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