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Thirsty Thursday Featuring Taydem Shoesmith

Thank you for chatting with us! For newer fans, how did your passion for music and career come about? Well I’ve been singing since I could remember. My dad would sing my brothers and I to sleep almost every night. So I would say I got my love of singing from my dad. While I’ve loved music and singing my whole life, I only recently thought of it as a career path. There are so many talented people out there so I never thought I could compete with them. But my mom kept insisting that I try. She's always believed in me and pushed me to get out there. So she’s the real reason I have the confidence to try to pursue this career. Plus music is such a big part of my life and recently I had the urge to want to share my songs that express my thoughts and feelings. So now instead of thinking I’m competing against everyone, I try to look at it like I’m joining a really big club of people who all share the same love and passion for something.

What is one thing you can tell us that most people don't know about you and might surprise us? I don't know if this is exactly surprising, but some people might not know that I have a great interest in languages. I just find languages to be so fascinating. I’ve been learning Korean for a little over 2 years, and it’s been so much fun. I mean don’t get me wrong it’s difficult and can be frustrating but it’s so cool! Through learning Korean, not only have I been learning a new language and culture, I feel like I’m learning new things about myself as well.

When/where do you do your best writing? Being out in nature away from people, cars, and phones, has always been my best place to write. Everything around you is silent, so the thoughts in your head speak louder. Your mind doesn’t really have to focus on anything, so it allows your thoughts and feelings to flow easier. Another time would be in the middle of the night. Sometimes I’ll just wake up from my dreams and there will be these words or phrases that just stick in my head and I’m like “oh, those would make great lyrics.”

Looking back, what was the first album or "Vinyl" you bought? I think the first album I bought was a Big Time Rush album. I want to say it was their very first album. My brother and I used to jam out to those songs all the time. That album contains so many great songs that I still listen to to this day. My brother and I were so excited when we first heard they were getting back together!

Where do you draw inspiration from when writing? I feel like I draw inspiration from anything. I get inspiration from my family, my friends, movies, nature, books, really anything that creates some sort of impact on me. Our world is full of inspiration, so I can’t really say I draw it from just one thing. When I have those moments when it seems like I can’t write a single good line, I try to make an effort to get out of the house more. I try to spend more time with my friends and family or try new things.

How do you drink your coffee? How I drink my coffee depends on where I'm at. If I’m at home and brewing coffee, then I normally add flavored creamer to my hot coffee. Caramel macchiato and hazelnut are my 2 favorite creamer flavors. If I go out for coffee I typically order a french vanilla iced coffee. My coffee at home is more like my “wake up” coffee, and my coffee when I go out is more of a “treat” coffee since coffee shops typically make their iced coffees quite sweet.

What is your favorite breakfast? I actually rarely eat breakfast because I don’t get hungry in the mornings that often. But when I do eat breakfast, I like to eat hash browns with ketchup. I know hash browns are more like a side dish, but I just love them so much that it ends up being my main meal!

Home cooking or going out for dinner? Considering I’m a not so talented cook, definitely going out for dinner is a better option. Although, I would like to get better at cooking and make some new things. But as of right now my abilities are very limited so going out to eat is a much better option.

What is the best dish you ever had? In the past couple of years I’ve started going to new restaurants and trying different foods, and I would say the best dish I’ve had, as of right now, would be tteokbokki. The rice and fish cakes with the sweet spicy sauce is so good! I haven’t had it in a while and I miss it lol! If you're someone who likes some spice in their food I would fully recommend it.

If you could be sponsored by one food/drink brand who would it be and why? To be sponsored at all would be so cool! If I were to choose just one, I think I would choose Dunkin Donuts. I get coffee from there any chance that I can get! The town I live in doesn’t have one so it makes it kind of special when I’m able to get it.


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