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Available Now: Debut Single "Girl Most Likely" from Dani Taylor

Rising artist Dani Taylor "carries an infectious sort of whimsy and eccentricity (American Songwriter)" in her new single, "Girl Most Likely," available now. "Girl Most Likely" emphasizes that whether you're labeled as the "least likely to" or "most likely to," at the end of the day, your outcome and destiny are in your own hands. Co-written by Dani Taylor, Will Rambeaux and Sherrie Austin, the "Girl Most Likely" was released as Dani's debut single. The official music video for "Girl Most Likely," which was filmed in Old Town Scottsdale, Ariz., also premiered on today. To stream or download "Girl Most Likely," click HERE. American Songwriter exclusively premiered a first listen to "Girl Most Likely" on their Daily Discovery series: "Even though the 'manic pixie dream girl' is mainly a standard film archetype amongst the millennial and post-millennial set, if there was a musical equivalent, it’d be Dani Taylor. Adorable and spunky with the right balance of 'delightful' and 'awkward,' she embodies that quintessential trope that implies that she may not be the girl for you, but she’ll help you find the right 'you' for you (American Songwriter)."  "I wrote this song because I am the 'girl most likely.' I define the 'girl most likely' as someone who defies all odds against them and succeeds with confidence in their goals and dreams. I wrote this song because I want to empower those with similar experiences being labeled the 'girl most likely,' the underdog, or the 'loser.' A lot of people have told me that I would never be a country singer/songwriter because I 'wasn't good enough.' But I never let it stop me. I knew I had to go on this journey even with the universe against me," shared Dani. To stay up-to-date with Dani Taylor, follow her on TikTokFacebookInstagramTwitter and   ABOUT DANI TAYLOR Dani Taylor is an emerging singer/songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee. Known for her sweet, soaring vocals and sassy lyrics, Dani’s sound is a blend of upbeat, catchy melodies supported by playful stylistic elements like the banjo, guitar and mandolin. Born and raised in Arizona, Dani moved to Nashville to pursue music in 2018. As a kid, she performed in choir and did musical theatre, but it was only after graduating from high school that she rediscovered her love and talent for music. Having performed at acoustic sets and writers’ rounds across Nashville’s scene, Dani Taylor’s debut single, "Girl Most Likely," is available now.


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