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Thirsty Thursday Featuring Katie Fee

Thank you for chatting with us Katie! You recently released your new single, "Haven’t Even Poured The Whiskey," that you also co-wrote. Tell us about the writing process and where the idea came from. So the idea came from something Sammy Kay (one of my co-writers)’s mom said at the end of her birthday party. She looked over at a bottle of whiskey and was like, “Oh, we didn’t even open the whiskey”. That sounded like a song to me, and so I wrote it down and brought it to the write Sammy and I had the following Monday with Paige King Johnson.

We took the idea and ran with it, and I just remember having fun trying to come up with these things that could be symptoms of intoxication, but also things you might experience when you’re with a new love interest.

Where did you grow up and how has that influenced your style of music? I grew up in Sioux Falls, SD, and I tend to make references to the Midwest and/or hometowns in my songwriting. My song, “Sunsets and Fireworks” talks about midsummer in a Midwest town. I also have one called “Hometown Pride” that starts with the lyric, “Grew up under the Midwest sun.”

I feel like there’s lots of songs about the coast or the south, but not as many references to the Midwest, and so I want to include that in my music.

What’s your advice for young artists trying to establish a name for themselves? Especially young females that may see you as a role model. Go out to writers rounds and showcases to meet other people doing the same thing as you. That’s the best way to find co-writers and collaborators. Showing up and supporting is also the best way to network and start getting booked to play these shows too, which gets your music out to more people.

Did you always want to be a musician or was there a specific moment that something happened that made you think "this is what I want to do with my life." If so, what was it? I grew up listening to the women of ‘90s country and can remember my first time wanting to do music for a career was in the first grade when I convinced my friends to be in a band with me. Really it was me writing about animals and nature and forcing them to be involved. I had a few other career ideas after that, but when I discovered Taylor Swift around fifth grade, I knew I wanted to be a country artist and songwriter.

Who have been some of your biggest musical influences growing up and do the same artists currently continue to influence you now? As I mentioned, I grew up on the women of ‘90s country. Specifically, it was Shania Twain, Deana Carter, and Faith Hill. Taylor Swift was ultimately the artist that made me want to pursue a career in country music.

Currently, Taylor Swift is still a big influence, as is the overall ‘90s country sound. Other current influences include: Eric Church, Lainey Wilson, and Kelsea Ballerini, among others.

What is your favorite wine? I like red blends. 19 Crimes is probably my favorite brand.

How do you drink your coffee? Coffee is different everyday. There’s three different coffee makers in my kitchen, so sometimes it’s coffee from a pot with almond milk and caramel syrup, or sometimes it’s a K-Cup or Nespresso Pod. I’ve recently learned how to make caramel macchiatos at home, so that’s currently my go-to coffee drink. Home cooking or going out for dinner? I definitely cook at home more, but it’s also nice to go out to eat every once in a while.

Where is your favorite place to eat in your hometown? I love Phillips Avenue Diner in my hometown of Sioux Falls, SD. Not only is the food (and the milkshakes) delicious, they are a vintage venue with retro decor, so I love the history throwback vibe they have.

Finally, if you could be sponsored by one food/drink brand who would it be and why? Given that my single mentions Jack Daniels in it, I would have to go with them. They’re also tied to one of my favorite artists, Eric Church.


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